Terran Stellar Navy Libertas Patch

Mark Bell's design for Artemis Armada convention and any related Artemis purpose. Patch for Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator game, as seen at http://www.artemis.eochu.com/. Approximately 3 1/4 Inches wide. Sturdy stand-alone construction, easily sewn or fused to your t-shirt, shirt or uniform.
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The patch comes with an iron-on backing and can be fused or sewn to a garment. We recommend sewing the patch to your garment for a permanent hold.

Make sure the garment fabric is suitable for ironing first. Remove the paper backing. Place your garment on an ironing board and place the patch where desired right side up. Heat the iron to medium high (usually the cotton setting). Place the iron lightly on the patch and hold steadily for ten seconds. Do not rub the iron back and forth. After ten seconds, the patch should be fused to your garment. Repeat for a few seconds more if not.