Artemis: Fighter Pilot Missions

Let us host 3 hours of starship bridge action at your next event. Where our crew will bring five computers and setup a fighter pilot bay. After a crash course on how to fly your single seat space craft. You and your friends can go out on missions as a squad to hold off enemy aliens.
SKU: TSN-0007
$200.00 excl tax

Join TSN Naval Academy and learn to pilot your single seat spacecraft with their unique and immersive computer simulation. As a trainee, learn about Horizontal Line, Headings, Bearings, Course and Altitude in space using four degrees of freedom. You will get to learn by play, exploration and experimentation through verbal communication and action with a star ship bridge. All cadets, report to the fighter bay immediately.

* After purchase, we will contact you to scheduleĀ a date and time.
* Alternatively, you can contact us first to book the event first and make the purchase payment.