Artemis: Augmented Reality Online Training

Let us host a 60 minute starship training session for you online. Where our training officer will bring an Artemis Server online and connect you through a Zoom session. After some one on one training on the controls. You and can go out on mission to try out your new skills with your trainer.
SKU: TSN-0017
$10.00 excl tax

Join TSN Academy and learn to play Artemis in this unique and immersive computer simulation using augmented reality. As a trainee, learn how to operate helm, weapons, engineer, science and communications system. You will get to learn by play, exploration and experimentation through verbal communication. All cadets, report to the bridge immediately.

* After purchase, we will contact you to schedule a date and time.
* You can purchase a single license from Steam, or a full bridge license from the official website.
* Alternatively, you can contact us first to book the event first and make the purchase payment.